Saturday, 12 December 2009

Windows 7 for £30!

Student can now also purchase Windows 7 Home Premium for just £30!

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Monday, 1 September 2008

The Ultimate Steal

This is your oppertunity to get Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for the incredible price of £38.95! Thats a massive saving of over £560 compared to the RRP of £599. This offer is direct from Microsoft and is only available to University students and staff!

Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate includes the latest editions of all Office applications, including the following;

Word - An essential piece of software for writing your coursework. Save time with automatic contents pages and referencing, and make things look great with cover pages!

PowerPoint - Missed a lecture? No problem! View powerpoint presentations and create your own using PowerPoint 2007.

Publisher - From posters to websites, you can create literally hundreds of different items using Microsoft Publisher.

Outlook - Keep up to date with friends and family and keep your life in order with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

Excel - Essential for keeping your finances in order!

Groove - Groove is a great new tool that is really useful for University students involved in group work. Instead of emailing different versions of a file backwards and forwards just create a Groove folder which lets you all work from the same folder at the same time, which automatically updates on everyone elses computer when you are online.

OneNote - Easily make notes in lectures using OneNote. Click anywhere on the screen and start typing, this really is as easy as using a pen and paper, but you can do so much more!

Access - A database application that is required for many university courses.

InfoPath - If you know what XML is, you'll know what this does, if you dont, you dont need to worry!

So this really is every piece of Office software you could ever need! This amazing deal is only available direct from Microsoft for students and university staff, you just need a email address to register and you can download your software immediately.